Kowhai Pā Wānanga and Site Visit.

Kowhai Pā Wānanga and Site Visit.

Registrations open now! Nau mai, haere mai.

Kia ora e te whānau!

Here are the details for the Kōwhai Pā wānanga and site visit coming up this Saturday.

Date: Saturday, March 07 2020.
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Combined iwi reserve, Baldick’s Bend, Wairau Pa Rd.


As many of you all know, Kōwhai Pā is a site that is significant to Rangitāne, Ngāti Toarangatira and Ngāti Rārua as a wahi tapu.

The history surrounding this site isn’t just isolated to the infamous Patu Aruhe battle of the 1800 century, where Ngāti Toa Chief, Te Rauparaha, first came south with muskets and led a successful raid on Rangitāne, resulting in the death of their Chief, Te Ruaoneone.

But the significance of this site goes way further than this one tragic event in our history. We know that our tūpuna have occupied this very site since the time of their arrival, sometime around 1280 ad.

Preserving the integrity and mana of this site is paramount. It is up to us to ensure this happens, as we are the living kaitiaki of our culture and heritage. Relying on the Crown to fulfil their Treaty promise to us has proved a mistake and we must take action into our own hands.

The damage that has been inflicted on to this wahi tapu through the development of vineyard is not acceptable. It has been done without the necessary authorisation from Heritage New Zealand. It has been carried out with no respect of our tikanga, both lore and law.

CLICK HERE – to watch this news story about Kowhai Pa.

Registrations open now! Nau mai, haere mai.

Come and make a stand with us at Kōwhai Pā and show your support for this Kaupapa!


The object of this hui is to educate whanau about the history and the facts surrounding this site. This is not an occupation like Ihumātao. The land we are setting up camp on is already owned by whānau and was set under the 1856 deed. It is an ideal spot for us to point out the damage and desecration that has taken place to our wahi tapu on the land parcel next to our location.

There will be a number of speakers on the day who will be providing us with knowledge and kōrero about the history of this site. These speakers will be a representation of several different whānau, hapu and iwi groups that are associated with this area, both as historical authorities and ahi kaa.

A presentation about how there have been multiple attempts to develop this site without the correct permits and authority dating back to 2002, 2016 and now again in 2019 is also scheduled. This will then be followed by a short site tour.

The day will finish off with an open floor discussion about our plans to submit to Contemporary Grievance to the Waitangi Tribunal against the Crown, for their failure to protect our wahi tapu, as promised to us in our Treaty Settlement in 2014. This will be an open floor discussion so that everyone present has an opportunity to provide us with their input and thoughts.

Here are some of the speakers listed for the day.

Richard Bradley (Rangitane) – Richard will provide a general historical overview of Kowhai Pā and surrounding area.

John Grey (Ngati Toa) – John will speak on behalf of Ngati Toa and as a long term resident who has grown up at the pa.

Wayne Abbott (Rangitane) – Wayne currently lives on the iwi reserve and was involved as a research assistant for the Otago Universtity team (SPARS) when they surveyed and this site in 2015. Wayne will be leading the site tour to several registered sites which will be viewable on neutral land, such as middens and pits.

Pania Newton – Pania is the young activist who’s leading the fight against the Fletcher development at Ihumātao. Pania will skype in on the day to talk to us about their progress at Ihumātao and the importance of fighting to preserve our significant sites. Read more here – https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=12254056

Kai will be provided.

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